Sean Sullivan

Board of Directors

As Chief Executive Officer of Uzado Inc., Sean Sullivan brings his passion for building business outcomes in the tech industry that translates into increased revenues with mitigated risks to a diverse market space. With over 20 years of leadership experience, Sean is an expert at building and managing critical networks that enable all stakeholders to achieve their goals. He began his career in technology sales with industry leaders such as IBM and Oracle and acted as a business transformation consultant for over 15 years in parallel. Through one of these engagements, he identified the Uzado acquisition opportunity where he pulled the company from financial hardship to year-over-year growth and profitability. Sean has a keen eye for identifying and capitalizing on niche market opportunities, keeping his momentum forward through many global economic headwinds. Exuding a dynamic, effective and influential leadership style that motivates his teams, Sean has successfully led the diversification and growth initiatives of several technology services organizations. This has included foreseeing industry demands, aligning service portfolios and building performance growth and operational teams. Currently residing in Uxbridge Ontario with his five-year-old daughter Danika, Sean is a contributing member of the local community. He has a passion for most power sports and downhill skiing. He also enjoys spending time in the summer on the water in cottage country.