Annual Retreat

Engage or Die: Behind the Scenes of Running a Virtual Summit

After the COVID pandemic cancelled in-person events and conferences, organizers scrambled to go virtual. However, people quickly realized that simply having someone talk over zoom was not the same experience. Instead, organizers needed to build a better system to put...

July 31, 2020read more
Contribution Blogs

7 Rules for Surviving a Recession

When recessions loom, it’s time to take stock of your business. Frankly, a recession could be the best thing for your business – if you’re in that position, congratulations. If you’re not, keep reading. From layoffs to pivots to generating...

June 30, 2020read more

5 Ways to Reimagine Office Space Post-COVID

When everyone went remote due to COVID, many planned to head right back into the office when it was all over. A couple months later, we’re seeing major announcements from Shopify to Twitter saying that employees can stay remote because...

June 5, 2020read more
Managing Teams

Mental Health & The Virtual Workplace

It’s bittersweet that COVID-19 has brought mental health to the forefront of workplace conversations. On one hand, it’s critical to think about mental health in the workplace as 20% of people are suffering from mental illnesses at any given time....

June 2, 2020read more

Here’s to New Beginnings and Choosing to Get Messy

Spring is a natural time of change and movement. People put away lingering holiday decorations, shift wardrobes, and fix any damage that winter storms may have brought. Whether winter was mild or horrible, spring is a time of renewal, providing...

May 7, 2020read more
Contribution Blogs

Coronavirus is Your Round Tuit

We all have a list of things we want to accomplish – when we get around to it.  Talking about the things we’d do once we get “around to it” was a common phrase in the 9-5, working-for-the-weekend crowd of...

May 5, 2020read more
Contribution Blogs

Keeping in Touch in Challenging Times

In the professional world, networking is a necessary part of advancing your career. Whether spending a few extra minutes chatting after a team meeting or attending a days-long conference, you need to do this if you want to get ahead...

April 23, 2020read more
Employee Benefits

The Pantsless CEO

Like a duck on the water, many CEOs are able to appear smooth while in reality kicking like crazy underneath to get to their destination. Perhaps no image is more poignant than a CEO on a video chat, suit from...

April 15, 2020read more

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