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Peerscale is one of the best partnership decisions Novacap has ever made. Our partnership has significantly enhanced Novacap’s profile with Peerscale member companies, many of which are or are becoming technology leaders in their respective fields. We’ve benefited greatly from exposure to networking opportunities, valuable content delivered through expert speakers and fun social events. We look forward to continuing to partner with Peerscale and supporting the organization for years to come!

– Novacap

Profile of our Corporate Partners

Peerscale Corporate Partners are mainly focused on the technology and innovation sector and are familiar with the needs of tech leaders. They provide invaluable professional expertise and deliver value to the Peerscale membership.

They form meaningful relationships and abide by a professional code of conduct that precludes overtly selling or soliciting members. Peerscale’s Corporate Partners also support each other and provide referrals and development opportunities to foster mutually beneficial partnerships.

Benefits of Peerscale Corporate Partnership

  • Build relationships with a carefully curated network of technology leaders
  • Opportunity for referrals from members and other corporate partners
  • Exposure and association of your brand with a preeminent technology association

Hear what some of our Corporate Partners have to say about their involvement with Peerscale, the benefit of Corporate Partnership and the return on investment they have received both personally and professionally.

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  • What categories of Corporate Partnerships available?

    1. Platinum ($25,000)
    2. Gold ($20,000)
    3. Silver ($15,000)
    4. Bronze ($3,000 – reserved only for small companies, typically sole proprietorships or small partnerships with very few employees & under $1M in revenue.)

    5. Click here to learn more & download partnership package.

  • How does Corporate Partnership work?

    As a Corporate Partner with Peerscale you are invited to attend all member wide events including Networking Dinners, Power Sessions and the Annual Retreat. Partners are encouraged to attend as a full participant, networking and engaging with our community to foster mutually beneficial relationships.

  • What is included in Corporate Partnership?

    Different Partnership Categories have varying price points and inclusions.

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    Partnership Category
    # or Reps at Dinners/Power Sessions 3 2 1 1
    # of Reps at Annual Retreat 3 2 1 Extra fee to attend
    Participate in panel/workshop Invitation Only Invitation Only Invitation Only
    Introduce Keynote Speaker Invitation Only
    Invitation to attend 2 Partner Networking Events
    Opportunity to put on branded event for Peerscale members
    Opportunity to hold Peerscale Events at your office
    Have services on new member welcome letter & partner spotlight
    Have your public events posted on website & newsletter Subject to availability
    Have a personal & company profile in the year-round app & retreat app
    Have your logo on all partner section of Peerscale materials – website, newsletter, app, etc. Largest Logo 2nd Largest Logo Medium Logo Small Logo
    Contribute content for blog post and social media
    Banner ad on year-round app & retreat app 2 Ads 1 Ad
    Have a discount/offering in Retreat Welcome Bag Only if present at retreat

Platinum Partners


We are the go-to partner for your most critical executive and talent management requirements.

Accounting & Tax

Helping firms manage through growth in a dynamic and driven industry.

Law Practice

We are a leading business law firm uniquely positioned to advise Canadian, U.S. and international clients on an array of domestic and cross-border legal issues.

Chartered Bank

We are a different kind of partner, providing unique financial solutions to help mid-market companies embrace opportunities right across Canada.

Gold Partners

Financial Services

We are Canada’s business development bank and the only financial institution devoted exclusively to entrepreneurs.

Financial Services

Export Development Canada

Export Development Canada (EDC) is committed to helping Canadian companies of all sizes scale their business, gain market share, and access capital through our working capital, financing, investing, insurance, and knowledge solutions.  For more information on how EDC is helping companies in the technology sector succeed, finance growth, and expand, even during these exceptional times, visit

Accounting & Tax

Business is dynamic and so are the needs of our clients. No matter the industry sector, market location or specific areas of business that need to be addressed, MNP is there.

Financial Services

We are a leading private equity firm in Canada. We are focused on building world-class companies in two main market segments.

Financial Services

We are the leading Mid-Market Tech M&A firm in Canada, having completed the greatest volume of M&A transactions under $75m in 2017 and 2018.

Venture Capital & Private Equity

Our core purpose has always been to enable growth of the ambitious technology companies we invest in, our investors, our people, and the communities we operate in,” says Randy Garg, Founder and Managing Partner at Vistara Growth. “Although the spirit is already in our name – “Vistara” means expansion in Sanskrit – we want to be clear that our business is about more than simply investing capital.

Silver Partners


PROLINK—Canada’s Insurance Connection is an independent insurance brokerage that provides tailor-made risk management and insurance solutions to knowledge-based industries, professional associations, and groups. Our primary objective is to give organizations a panoramic view of their business landscape, highlight the unique threats that may impede their success, and provide them with the tools they need to meet their strategic objectives.

PROLINK has been serving technology firms for over a decade. Our technology practice is run by Peter McCabe, a Practice Leader who specializes in providing industry-leading insurance and risk management services to knowledge-based organizations. Peter has over 10 years of industry experience and works with clients to identify exposures, reassess their risk management strategies, help them retake control of the insurance buying process, and ultimately, build resilient organizations.


We are Canada’s leading sales recruitment company.

Financial Services

We help innovative companies and their investors move bold ideas forward, fast.


Vertu Capital is a Toronto based growth-oriented private equity firm that invests in Canadian B2B software and software enabled businesses.   Vertu seeks to partner with companies that are scaling globally, either organically or through M&A, and support them on their journey.  Our investment team has decades of global tech private equity experience and believes that the Canadian tech ecosystem is the most exciting place to invest today.

Vertu targets companies that have a proven business model, complex, proprietary IP, are at a critical scale inflection point and looking for an investor thought partner.  Typically companies are $20M ARR + and profitable or nearly profitable.  We invest $25M to $75M and have the flexibility to consider a variety of deal types and capital structures, from significant minorities to majority stakes.

Bronze Partners

Management Consulting

Put years of software, professional services and high tech experience to work for you.

Employee Benefits

At Thorpe Benefits, we only concentrate on one thing – Group Benefits, a highly specialized and complex area that includes Wellness. And we are experts in our field. We do not do retirement planning, life insurance or investment counseling. We leave that to general life insurance brokers.

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