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Peerscale is a Toronto community of more than 100 ambitious, successful and driven technology leaders, with the common goal of helping each other through authentic and experience-based advice.

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Every Month CEO, COOs and Executives in confidential private dinners to solve operating challenges and navigate new business opportunities . Round Tables are 8-15 members each. Tables are divided by CEO, COO, CTO, S&M and CFOs. CEOs tables are further divided by ~ of employees the CEO is leading (10-49, 50-99, 100+). In between meetings peers reach out to their groups on an adhoc basis to get feedback. Having an “advisory board” of peers is tremendously impactful both from a personal support network to optimizing business outcomes.

Annual Tech Retreat

The Peerscale annual retreat takes place over 3-days in a scenic location and offers a networking rich forum for our members to exchange knowledge, build relationships, and return to their respective workplaces with a renewed sense of purpose and motivation.  The program includes a combination of informative sessions, interactive workshops, and engaging discussions focused on personal and professional growth. This event is open to all members and sponsors.

Quarterly Dinners

Quarterly Dinners occur three times a year in Toronto.  This is primarily a networking event for members from all roundtables as well as sponsors to catch up and connect.   The evening includes an Peerscale organizational update as well as a speaker.  This event is open to all members and sponsors.

Power Sessions

During Peerscale Power Sessions, industry experts, thought leaders, and speakers are invited to present on a wide range of topics, including but not limited to leadership, entrepreneurship, innovation, technology, and business strategy.  The primary goal of the Peerscale Power Sessions is to enable our members to enhance their skills and stay up-to-date with industry trends that can be applied to their organizations.

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Peerscale is the preeminent leadership organization for Toronto technology CEOs, COOs and executives.

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