Peerscale Membership News & Updates – November 2023

Peerscale Member News and Updates – November 2023

Peerscale’s Q3 Board Meeting just took place and we wanted to share some news, developments and updates with you.

Membership News & Updates

We have grown our total membership from 78 to 106 YTD or by 47% all via your referrals! Please keep sending us your referrals, we are tracking your contribution to our growth and will be publicly acknowledging your help in our mission to rebuild the community.

Despite the fact that food and beverage costs have increased substantially over the last few years we are NOT going to increase membership fees for 2024. With the help of technology and a number of volunteers the organization runs more efficiently. In fact I believe we have “operating leverage” and can offer more for less as we scale!

We are going to be reaching out to you 40-60 days ahead of your annual renewal with a Google form to gather your feedback and ask if you will be renewing your 2024 membership (vs. just sending an invoice).

In order to reach scale, executive round tables are offering a limited time “try before you buy” for 2024 executive memberships. They are currently sitting at 6 to 8 members each. We would like to see them at 10+ members. If you have any executives at your company interested in a Peerscale Membership, this would be a great opportunity to try it out.

Please contact:

Finance Table:;

Head of Tech Table:; and

Sales / Marketing Table:


Peerscale CEO & Company Demographics

As you all know, it is very important to understand your market. Over the summer we collected data in our new Salesforce CRM system! To avoid duplication of company attributes we limited the sample to 65 CEOs where we had complete information. I thought you would find the following interesting.

Peerscale CEO Background in 2015 were 66% Engineers, 20% Sales and 14% other. As you can see from the above chart we become much more diverse in the past 10 years.

57% of our Members are Bootstrapped and 43% have been funded. Almost all the funded companies are software companies.

Funding does not correlate to revenue:

61% of members are B to B software companies. Though YTD new members are ~ 75% software companies.

Approx 50% are younger than 10 years old. Almost all companies under 5 years old are run by serial founders.

Finally on known Peerscale Member Company exits. Clearly 2018 & 2022 were busy years!

If there is anything else you would like us to track please let us know!

Upcoming Events:

  • Calendar invites will be going out shortly for our next Quarterly Dinner January 31, 2024 at The Granite Club in Toronto.
  • Peerscale Retreat is taking place June 5 – 7, 2024 at the Prince of Wales Hotel in Niagara-on-the-Lake.
  • Power Sessions for 2024 will be announced soon!

We will be in touch with many of you shortly with regards to your 2024 renewals in January, February and March.

Happy Holidays!

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