Building Peerscale: The Story Behind Our Rebrand

We have some exciting news to share! AceTech Ontario has a new look and a new name – one that is reflective of our evolved identity.

The story behind the rebrand

As we continue to grow our community, we want our brand to best reflect why we exist, what we believe in, and where we are headed. With that in mind, it was time for a change.

Since our inception in 2004, our organization’s mission has evolved. Today, we are creating a community of technology leaders, a peer-to-peer network that facilitates their success and elevates Canadian technology on the global stage. We have brought together technology CEOs, COOs, and senior executives across a variety of business functions. Today, we have a strong and robust community of more than 200 members, representing over 100 technology companies.

Peerscale’s companies are growing at an exponential rate and play a vital role in the Canadian technology ecosystem, generating $1.8 billion in combined revenues and employing more than 11,000 people.

Our original name AceTech stands for Academy of Technology CEOs. However, our community has grown to include COOs and Executives at top technology companies. Our name and our visual identity needed to tell that story.

Our process

Our dedicated board members embraced the task at hand, brainstormed and came up with the name Peerscale. As a team, we felt that it was representative of our evolved identity.

Why Peerscale: The story behind our new name

The definition of peer is a person who is equal and that is the basis on which our community has been carefully curated – all our members are equal. We emphasize collective learning and our members educate and learn from each other through shared experiences.

In addition, our members have a shared purpose – to scale personally and professionally on their own terms. Combined together, peer and scale became Peerscale – signifying our ever-evolving story and community.

“Rebranding allowed us to truly define our offering and who we are to our members. With this new brand that more effectively communicates the significant value we deliver to technology leaders, Peerscale is incredibly well positioned to continue the outstanding growth our organization has experienced,” says Mark Jaine, Peerscale Board Chair and Intelex CEO. “We are proud of the new brand, identity, and positioning, and look forward to another incredible year ahead.”

Our new visual identity

We are choosing to keep our original blue and green colours as a tribute to our roots.

Our new visual identity is aimed at telling the story of Peerscale as being a forward-thinking organization that enables connections. The two e’s facing each other in our logo signify communication and connection – the tenets on which our organization is built.

The green circles around the word peerscale represent our peergroups – our core offering. The circles are also representative of an energy that is equal, since our members are peers who are all equal to each other.

Combined together, the visual elements paint a picture that is reflective of our new narrative.

The impact of our rebrand on our mission, vision and values

Our rebrand serves to strengthen and illuminate our mission and vision to create a community of tech leaders that is supportive and elevates Canadian tech.

We will continue to operate on a foundation of openness and trust and strive to create a diverse, supportive and inclusive community – one that is based on the supporting mentality.

Our organization will provide best in class experience to our members and ensure their growth and success on their own terms. We will continue to carefully curate our peergroups to provide members with opportunities to connect with fellow tech leaders, with shared visions, and enable them to create deep, meaningful and impactful relationships. We will keep encouraging and providing our members with opportunities to learn and educate each other through shared experiences.

We thank you for supporting us in our journey thus far and hope to continue having you as a part of our community. We value your feedback, so let us know what you think of our rebrand. Stay in touch on social media or via email.

About Peerscale

Peerscale is an organization exclusively for tech CEOs and executives, to help them build personal, professional and organizational growth. Our members are focused leaders with complementary mindsets—on a similar journey towards success. Peerscale facilitates conversations that create value, enables peer-to-peer advising, builds relevant learning and sharing opportunities, and delivers a robust network. It’s a personal advisory board for tech leaders—trusted, valuable and confidential.


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