Maintaining Your Autonomy After Being Acquired

Contribution by AceTech Ontario CEO member Mark Miller of Volaris Group

For many founders and CEOs, finding the right acquirer for their business is all about the “fit”. These sellers typically want a strategic acquirer who can best position their company for long-term success, while minimally impacting their operations.

About The Integration Process

In our experience, we have found acquisition prospects to be somewhat skeptical of integration processes. After developing their business on their own for years, sellers are understandably concerned about how integration activities will affect their employees and customers.

For some acquirers, the integration process can be extremely transactional- They take ownership of the business and “do what they need to do when they need to do it”. At Volaris, we hand-pick our acquisitions for their strong operations, talented personnel, and sustainable structures. Our integration process centers around learning about the business environment, operating the business “as usual”, and empowering the seller to maintain autonomy with an understanding of Volaris’ Key Performance Indicators.

Here are three ways that Volaris Group promotes a decentralized, autonomous model:

1. Keep Your Staff

We believe that internal resources are a key fabric of every company. They are the “talent” who build, drive, and support the inner workings of all operations. At Volaris, talent management and development is one of our highest priorities. We recognize that a business’ existing personnel pool is comprised of skilled individuals who have knowledge and expertise about their respective industry.

2. Keep Your Say

Founders and CEOs best understand the “ins and outs” of their business and industry. For that reason, Volaris generally encourages sellers to remain involved in the management of the business for as long as they would like. Whether the seller wishes to continue in their existing role, or transition to a new one, the seller’s ongoing involvement is of tremendous benefit to both parties.

3. Keep Your Culture

Successful businesses looking to be acquired generally have a sound ecosystem in place. At Volaris, we take great strides to ensure those healthy cultures remain intact. We believe that maintaining these unique corporate cultures preserves innovation and functionality at the business level, which facilitates operating success going forward.

Your Turn

Are you looking for the right strategic acquirer? Weigh the pros and cons of each type of acquirer, and ensure your needs are met at every stage of this important transaction.

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