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What does it mean to be a good leader? We hear the term often enough, but what does achieving good leadership status actually entail? Every CEO strives to be a good leader within their company, guiding their troops into the battle of business. Mark Zuckerberg could be described as one of the most influential and impactful business leaders of the 21st century. Look at the metrics. Or don’t. Just know that the man is in his early 30s and is worth over $100 Billion. The seasoned tech front-runner once highlighted five strengths. Passion, purpose, people, product and partnerships. A strong leader must be strong in all 5 of these areas. It is hard to put a dollar amount to the importance of leadership to an organization, but it’s no secret that it’s the key to success in the business world.

Near the year’s close, AceTech Ontario gives the opportunity to each of its members to apply to be recognized as a “Thought Leader”. Of dozens of applications, a small group of Technology Leaders are recognized as influential in their companies and in the tech ecosystem. Why does AceTech Ontario do this? The belief is rooted in the process of osmosis. Greatness encourages greatness. Good ideas lead to critical thinking. Each winner, beyond their recognition, is awarded the opportunity to share their experiences, ideas and beliefs for the benefit of others in the AceTech community. Specifically, winners commit to providing a workshop for AceTech Ontario members as well as an article, white paper or business tool on their topic.

AceTech Ontario was honoured to award four members in 2015 for their strength in leadership. Or as Zuckerberg may say, passion, purpose, people product and partnerships.

Mark Jaine President and CEO of Intelex Technologies

Evolution of a Sales Department: Growing Revenue from 0 to 10’s of Millions of Dollars

Mark Jaine didn’t start out as top dog of Intelex Technologies;  instead he climbed the ranks starting as a product sales representative in 1999. Now President and CEO, Jaine carries first-hand memories of building Intelex Technologies from an industry “little guy” to one of the fastest growing tech companies in Canada.

David Lahey President and Founder of Predictive Success

Who Builds the Future of Leadership?

David Lahey believes that it is crucial that strategic CEOs take ownership and accountability for leadership development in their company. How do you take an individual soldier and turn them into a valued general? Since 1988, Lahey has been a certified Predictive Index®(PI®) Analyst. He specializes in scouting talent and reading people. Predictive Success has since proven to be reliable tool in getting the most out of your team.

Dave Miller CEO of Uzado

Selling to a Shark

Dave Miller describes himself as a serial entrepreneur, which isn’t exactly an unusual title these days. But what is unusual is that fact Miller shook hands with one of the most famous (or infamous, depending on your opinion) global tech giants in the Herjavec Group, headed by Robert Herjavec. The experience of “selling to a shark” has loaded Miller with a ton of unique experiences in the world of business trade over and negotiation.

Kristy Sadler VP, Global Marketing at Intelex Technologies

Galvanizing Your Users, Growing Your Business: The Viral Effects of an Inspiring User Conference

A seasoned tech marketer and long-time observer and participator in the conference industry would know a thing or two about the importance of a User Conference. Kristy Sadler firmly believes if completed well, a User Conference can be the driving force and main influence in a company’s retention marketing strategy. With Sadler at the helm, Intelex Technologies grew their User Conference attendance from 70 clients to over 230 clients, five sponsors and 19 speakers.

AceTech Ontario started the Thought Leaders program in 2013 and has awarded 16 members to date. The 2016 winners will be announced and presented by Techvibes Magazine during AceTech’s Fall Dinner on November 25.

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